The Wonderful You

This is an epic that follows the life of an endearing creature named Pooky Poo. Pooky Poo seems cursed by feelings of being lost, lonely, and afraid before she discovers the truth of the magic she possesses within. "The Wonderful You" is full of thrilling adventures and unforgettable creatures that share their wisdom with Pooky Poo. Parents and grandparents will want to pass this book down to their children and grandchildren. Boys and girls ages 3-8 will love this enchanting book retelling the whole inspiring story.

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A unique and wonderful gift for a special young (or young-at-heart) person in your life.

Simple Path to Peace, Self Compassion & Love

This program will empower you to be more loving and forgiving of yourself and others, and to cultivate the inner strength and courage necessary to move forward on a path to create more love, a purposeful life and perpetual joy. Throughout the course of this workbook you will develop an awareness of and the knowledge needed to respond out of a consciousness of love. This means to have an intention for the total well being of everyone. You will become aware that at every moment you are creating your life experiences from the way you are thinking and feeling. You will learn to become aware of the power in the present moment. When your intention is love, you create more loving experiences. You will develop patterns and habits that will enable you to take control of your emotional state and achieve success in every area of your life.

Simple Path to Peace, Self Compassion & Love


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